UFC 94 St-Pierre Vs. BJ Penn 2 LIVE STREAM Online Free

Here's to watch UFC 94 St-Pierre vs Penn 2 live streaming video online. The UFC 94 live stream brings you the retake on the two arch enemies to each other top pound for pound Mixed Martial Arts fighters Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn. This war between them was triggered sometime in March 2006 when top welterweights Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn fought, where St-Pierre won the welterweight title in a thread line difference. After sometime in the history of UFC and MMA, came the chance for UFC 94 Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn 2.

While the two top MMA contenders are in the prime of both athletic attributes and career, there seem to be a big steak for both to consider - BJ Penn holds two (2) titles around his waist at the time of his match with Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight championship under the banner of UFC 94. As Dana white have highlighted, "...the two of them together is a MMA fans dream come true.. two best tacticians in the game meeting in the octagon", hence making this fight to be the biggest in the UFC and MMA history, as of yet. This is a fight to behold,so make your way to grab the chance to watch UFC 94 live stream.

In the UFC 94 Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn 2, you got to think of two main attributes for both fighters. These are St-Pierre being known as the fastest and top wrestler of MMA at his category and who has the capability of mixing his skills in an unpredictable way and BJ Penn being the guy who's got the great tenacity in fighting, unrelenting Jiu Jitsu artist and boxer, and yes, he will come to Georges St-Pierre 10 times faster, as he bragged in the UFC 94 video preview. To whatever this event may arrive to, don't forget to catch the UFC 94: ST-PIERRE VS. PENN 2 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, comes January 31, 2009. The time would be at 7pm PT/10pm ET, for Pay Per View Live.

Watch the UFC 94 St-Pierre Vs. BJ Penn 2 Video Trailer/Preview:

For those who can't make it to the event venue, you may want to try using Justin TV and Sopcast to watch UFC 94 St-Pierre Vs. BJ Penn 2 live stream.


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