How to Learn to Tap Dance

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Tap dancing is based on the arrangement of several basic steps. Once you master the steps, you can learn and create tap dances and step combinations, which can be creatively put together at any tempo or rhythm. Tap dancing is a great form of exercise and entertainment. Mastering tap dance calls for a lot of commitment and many years of practice. Knowing the basics of tap dance can be helpful in theatrical auditions. The director will most likely ask you to perform the Triple Time step, which you can learn by reading the following series of steps. Any step can be done as slowly or as quickly as you wish.

Generally, the steps appear more effective and appealing if performed quickly, but remember to start out slowly as to really understand the step.


  1. Stomp step your whole foot (heel and toe at the same time) on the floor, shifting weight
  2. Stamp same as a stomp, with no change of weight
  3. Brush Gently brush the ball of your foot against the floor. Be sure your foot is very relaxed, the movement comes from the thigh. Can be done to the front and the back.
  4. Step put your foot down and shift your weight to that foot, lifting up the other foot if you want.
  5. Flap is made up of two movements, a brush and a step, done with the same foot. Make sure you can hear two sounds. Commonly called a “fal-lap” to match the two sounds it makes.
  6. Shuffle made up of two brushes, a front and a back in quick succession. Be sure that your foot is totally relaxed.
  7. Ball Change put down the ball of your foot and shift your weight onto the ball of this foot, only for a split second, because you quickly shift your weight back to the foot you just left.
  8. Cramp Roll put your weight on your feet in this order: right ball, left ball, right heel, left heel. Once you put the part of your foot down, don’t move it until you complete the rest of the step. Start slow, but you can speed up as you master the skill. Should make four sounds.
  9. Hop jump in the air on one leg without shifting your weight, and land on the same leg you jumped with.
  10. Leap jump in the air on one leg, and land with all your weight on the opposite leg.
  11. Keep your knees bent, loose, and relaxed.
  12. Start out by lifting your right leg and shifting your weight to this leg.
  13. Stomp your right foot to the ground.
  14. Hop on your left leg and keep your right leg in the air.
  15. Shuffle your (free) right leg in front at a slight angle.
  16. Step back with your (free) right leg shifting your weight to this leg.
  17. Flap (brush step) with your left foot.
  18. Shift your weight back onto your right leg by stepping back (not too far and on the ball of your foot).
  19. Start again with a stomp with the next available leg- the left leg.
  20. Repeat all the steps on the left side.
  • Remember to keep your knees bent for more effective tap dancing
  • Smile, whether you're happy or not. You will feel and appear more confident,and people will want to watch you.
  • Use as much energy as you possibly can, to impress the audience.
  • Make sure to have the pattern in your head before you attempt performing it.
  • Start out slowly to really understand the steps before you do it quickly.
  • Although tap shoes can be desirable, tennis shoes are just as effective, and can be less damaging on floors.
  • Keep your hands up for balance, and don't leave them hanging at your sides.
Warnings :
  • Try not to tap dance on delicate floors because you will most likely scratch them.
  • Tap dance in an open space with few or no hazardous furniture or fragile items.
  • After tap dancing for a while its normal to have sore thighs- don't worry, it means you work hard.
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