SNL: Kanye West Lip-Synching Video


Seen Kanye West Lip-Synching Video when Kanye West performed on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last Saturday? I've got it here.

Rapper Kanye West seem to have messed with the auto-tune technology, hence the Kanye West Lip Sync Video on SNL, and lost control of The Love Lockdown due to a System Overload. This made Kanye West scandalized on whether he really sings during his live performances on live shows he's been to.

Anyway, watch this Kanye West Lip-Synching Video on SNL and see what I am talking about:

Oh, and a bonus on Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres doing the Carolling thing. Just bear with it :)

Watch Kanye West Lip Sync Video on SNL

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Anonymous said...

kanye west is an arrogant Erkl wannabe.