Watch Robbie Maddison Stunt Video: New Years Eve Stunt

Watch Robbie Maddison Stunt Video: New Years Eve Stunt. The Robbie Maddison Stunt Video for the new year's eve will most probably be available at Update: 2009 Robbie Maddison (stunt) new year's eve bike/motorcycle high jump video is available, as embedded below:

Robbie Maddison, the Australian Motorcycle Daredevil is known for his world record in high jump while riding a dirt bike/motorcycle. His first record was recorded as 322 ft., breaking the world record (310 ft.) for the longest motorcycle jump on new years day of 2008. He broke this one by making it to 346 ft.

Next year, Robbie Maddison will be attempting to break the above records, comes the new year's eve. I was about to pose a video of Robbie Maddison's first world record video but sadly, the video was taken down due to copyright issues.

For now you can Watch Robbie Maddison's Stunt Video Pre-interview at ESPN, explaining his plans for new year.

Watch Robbie Maddison Stunt Video

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