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Bargain PS3 Deals, PS3 Bargain Price Sale/Cuts and Cheap PS3 Price are all that can be seen to swarm the Google search history when it comes to PlayStation gaming genre. It is rumored or even predicted that "PS3 will be $299 in April" according to Yahoo news today.


Securities firm Wedbush-Morgan employed financial analyst Michael Pachter predicted that "Sony will trim the price of its cheapest Playstation 3 pack to a "more affordable" $299 in April, and that an Xbox 360 price cut will follow by June" (source: Yahoo). So I think, by this time on, it will be good to save bucks for these expected PS3 price cuts/PS3 bargain sales or cheap PS3 units. If you are a price conscious gamer, then you got to catch up with this PlayStation 3 market trend.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Wii is a thing to behold as said, to maintain its pricing at $249 until the company sees signs of demand declination. While the Nintendo Wii has been making waves on the household and individual gamers alike, I still find the price quite high, given my present income level. So what do you expect? You would be finding me one day at the store fronts looking for cheap Nintendo Wii, as well as cheap PS3 units.

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