Gmail Offline E-mail Access/Access Gmail Email Offline

So what's with the Gmail Offline E-mail Access, wherein you would be able to access your Gmail e-mail offline by the help of Google gears? Just a few days ago, Google announced its testing or experimentation with its new item in the lab - offline e-mail access with Gmail. This one is referred to as one of the most requested offline features of the Gmail/Google system. Now it has come and a dream come true for sure, especially for the business oriented individuals who are always on the go.

So what can you do with it/offline Gmail features? Well, if the tool is already activated in your account, you won't be worrying about having no Wifi or Internet connection. With offline email access and Gmail's offline web application API, you will be able to read, star, label, archive and compose new mails. On the downside, as of yet, you won't be able to execute file attachments in the mails.

Gmail Offline E-mail Access by Google Gears

How to activate offline Gmail? Although it is still in the experimental stage, you can do so by going to your Gmail labs. You got to click on the "Settings" and then the "Labs" tab. After that, select the Enable button next to the Offline Gmail feature. Save the changes and you're done. For more details on this, you may head on to and go through the "..Gmail Releases New Offline E-mail Tools" article.

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