Jackie Chan, Karate Kid Film Remake: Jackie Chan as New Mr. Miyagi

Jackie Chan, Karate Kid Film Remake: Jackie Chan as New Mr. Miyagi


Jackie Chan on Karate Kid Film Remake and being the New Mr. Miyagi will probably sweep us sometime soon. Jacky Chan, the all-time martial artist and great actor is now under talks to several stars for the remake of the 1984 hit movie The Karate Kid, popularized by Ralph Macchio with the help of the late Mr. Miyagi in the person of Pat Morita.

While Jackie Chan being the New Mr. Miyagi in this Karate Kid Film Remake, it is reported that Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood actor Will Smith is already in the cast being the boy bullied and learned to fight back with the help of Mr. Miyagi, who turned to be his martial arts master or instructor.

The Karate Kid Film was also recently taken on the screens by Hilary Swank as the New Karate Kid sometime in 1994. This Karate Kid Film Remake will begin shooting next year in Beijing.

So what do you think? Will Jackie Chan as New Mr. Miyagi in this eyed Karate Kid Film Remake shine like the old Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita)? Why not, right? Or, will Jaden Smith as New Karate Kid pull it off? Let's see :)

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Kirs said...

omg. Isn't it kinda cliche for Jackie Chan to be in yet another Hollywood Martial Arts Movie?