Watch You Rock The Deuce Full Episodes

If you are following You Rock The Deuce of the MTV, then watch You Rock The Deuce Full Episodes based on the airing schedule provided by the MTV site. This week's show will be aired on Tuesday, January 27 6:00 AM ET/PT and Wednesday, January 28 6:00 AM ET/PT, both on MTV2.

You Rock The Deuce highlights/summary:
"Wield the mighty hammer of Thor and the great grizzled beard of Zeus on You Rock The Deuce, the heaviest DIY rock show in American history. The concept is simple: you compile the hardest hitting rock block you can muster and we blast that mother live for all the world to love. In other words, we play your playlist. Get it?"

For general schedule, You Rock The Deuce is being aired on the following schedule: Tuesday - Thursday at 6 AM ET/PT, and Saturdays at 1 AM ET/PT on MTV2. In the meantime, or shall we say, an eye opener for the music show, do watch this You Rock The Deuce video of Shinedown - "Second Chance", which came out in the album The Sound Of Madness, under label by Atlantic Records and directed by Ryan Smith.

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