Deadliest Warrior | The Aftermath - Pirate vs Knight

Deadliest Warrior - The Aftermath - Pirate vs Knight. Following the TV show Deadliest Warrior? The Spike TV posted the The Aftermath Pirate vs Knight episode and the video is embedded below. On the discussion desk were Kieron Elliot as the host, joined by computer programmer Max Geiger and historical advisor Barry Jacobson. They tackled the controversial showdown between two legendary warriors - The Pirate and the Knight.

Watch the video of the Deadliest Warrior: The Aftermath - Pirate vs Knight below.

I think this is a great series of show to cover the different aspects of old and existing weaponry and warfare technologies. This will give us valuable insights on what made our brave warriors in the past thrive towards victory, or perhaps how they were toppled down given their basic weapons and tactics. The Deadliest Warrior is I think a new peeping hole back to the origins of our existing technologies, as well as a window to what's coming to us in the near future. Up until now, the strengths and weaknesses of the Pirates and the Knights are still controversial.

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