ERSAO UP Shopping Center and Cooling Appliances

You ran out of choices and off to eat at ERSAO UP Shopping Center in Diliman? Think twice! I just had a lunch there today and went to the 2nd floor because the ground floor was quite full and crowded. To my dismay with the already-very-constricted-place, it only has one (1) cooling fan installed on the wall and dang! that was so hot in there and my sweat was falling down like water leaks from perforated pipes. Add to this are the hot and spicy choices of foods they got, not to mention the famous sizzling sisig. The smoke coming out of the sizzling plate adds more to the grill-like room, enclosed with glass windows and door. If you try to witness the people eating there, they were like having a steam bath.

I asked the waiter (yes, they do serve your food, to be fair) why it is too damn hot up there and that they only got one (1) fan installed. The guy did not answer my question right but told me instead that it is really hot up there at the 2nd floor. I said what?*&#!@ I could have thrown silly questions for follow up but I chose to shut up. I tried to savor my viand and rice, and my C2 drink as quick as I can. It was like an eating race, I tell you.

And I almost forgot, they do have 1 aircon installed but sadly, it is not working. Why don't they purchase more cooling appliances instead of operating that human grill up there at the 2nd floor? Or perhaps, just open up the windows to free up the room. That way, the air can at least circulate.

ERSAO is located at the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City. It is one of the regular food stalls in the UP Shopping Center.

Will I eat again at ERSAO? Hmn, I will think 4 times. Maybe I will choose to end up buying a couple banana cues at the nearby stall and eat away my lunch inside my office.

My thoughts on ERSAO, UP Diliman Shopping Center.

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