Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T400s New Keyboard

After a year of research, Lenovo puts a new touch to its IBM ThinkPad laptop keyboards - Extra-large "Delete Keys" and "Escape Keys". As pointed out by David Hill, vice president of corporate identity and design at Lenovo, people often get nervous when messing with the keyboard and starts to hit the wrong keys unintentionally. While computers are getting faster and thinner everyday, nothing is seemingly done with the keyboards design. Hence the look of the Lenovo industry to improve its ThinkPad (new) Keyboard design. Lenovo will be eyeing to improve the keyboard of the new ThinkPad T400s - a laptop which goes out starting from $1,600 and up for business people.
IBM ThinkPad T400s
If you see the big blue ThinkVantage button on the recent ThinkPads, being IBM's product signature, Betanews revealed that it will be discontinued strating from the release of the IBM ThinkPad T400s. Of course with the new, slimmer and re-designed keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad T400s
Let us watch out on the next projects with these hot toys from IBM Corporation. I once had a chance to use an IBM ThinkPad laptop and it is superb in durability and performance. (Other source: http://tech.yahoo.com/)


Pooja said...

Lenovo is one of the most trusted company. The Lenovo ThinkPad T400s has an amazing touchscreen. The keyboard is also very comfortable, typing is very easy. It is quite heavy in weight. The battery life disappoints a lot. People who are fond of gaming, this laptop is of no use. The only highlight is the amazing touchscreen. In terms of performance, its nice but not great. For more details refer lenovo t400s

The Pastels said...

Thanks for posting! I was also advised by some friends to buy Lenovo laptop but it was already too late. Perhaps next time around, depending on my computing needs.