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These are the famous search keywords (at least, as I saw it) that I observed for the past week or so, and they surely dominate the Google searches especially for the people who do not want to buy their own Genuine Microsoft Licenses, as listed below:

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For some reason, I tried Googl-ing for the keyword MS Office 2003 Serial Key and a bunch of links came out, without of course the "Real and Genuine" Microsoft Office 2003 Product and License Key. It's just that I encountered some errors while opening some document files, through MS Office 2003 with my Vista OS. The system keeps on asking for the MS Office 2003 installation CD and it seem to install some components but after canceling the task, the file opens correctly. I don't know if it is a big or not, or perhaps a security and update issue but it is quite annoying on my part.

Did you experience the like of this before? Were you able to solve it? How? I would be very delighted if you could share to me some thoughts or maybe resources where I can fix this issue with my MS Office 2003 and Vista OS.

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