Free Lotto Number Generator

Free Lotto Number Generator. Looking for a Free Lotto Number Generator? There are lots out there but I found this one very handy. I am referring to's random lotto number generator - If you happen to visit the site, you will be welcomed with the line "Are you feeling lucky?" before the actual lotto number generator pull down menus, for you to select different specifications for your lotto number queries.

Free Lotto Number Generator

Free Lotto Number Generator form will ask you the following questions with corresponding pull down menu of options:

How many sets of Lotto numbers? (1 to 100)
How many numbers per Lotto set? (1 to 18)
Lowest number allowed? (1 to 100)
Highest number allowed? (2 to 100)

After you have chosen the corresponding answers to the above questions, click the "Go" and voila, you got your Free Lotto Number generated by the system. Who knows, you might be lucky with the numbers and get the dream of being the next millionaire.

Note that the system is just a "Free Lotto Number Generator" and I, nor the system cannot guarantee a sure win. After all, Lotto is a guessing and betting game and follows the phenomena of randomness.

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