Facebook Farm Town Crashes Firefox 3.5.3 / Firefox crashes with Farm Town

Are you experiencing Firefox browser crashes while using Facebook Farm Town? Well, I am using mozilla's latest version right now (Firefox 3.5.3) and it gives me a headache while playing Farm Town at home. Crashes. There has been a buzz around the web actually, about the new found game craze from Facebook games application - Farm Town. In fact, mozilla forum has been flooded with complaints about the same. One suspects that the cause could be the add-ons or plugins.

A Firefox forum user "Cathy" complains about her recent Firefox crashes while using Farm Town or Farmville. User "smackers" sent out his grievances:
The general consensus is that v3.5.2 is rubbish, re-install v3.0.13 though even that may not cure the problem since it's crashed me out of Facebook 7 times today so far.
I've lost faith in Firefox as there is obviously a problem but nobody has the answers.
I'm fed up personally and going Google chrome.
Firefox Support Team, Tobbi asks to log the Firefox crash report ID for speedy processing of the bug resolution. See the Firefox crash reports.

Firefox crashes with Facebook Farm Town and Farmville Okay, so this thing disappointments me a lot while on my Facebook but lucky that my wife found a way on how to go about the issue. My wife has been an avid Farm Town player and she experiences the crash while unhiding the hidden trees while on the farm field. She told me about a way on how to avoid Firefox crash while using Farm Town. Here is how to do it - after you finish harvesting the fields, do not unhide your trees right away and while on farm field view but instead, go to the market and perform the unhiding there. About similar technique we do for another bug that is, a stranger or uninvited farmer comes along with you after coming back home from the market. In this case, what you should do is, do not go to your farm immediately but instead, go to a neighbor's before jumping into yours.

Try to find out about Firefox crashes when I am using Facebook forum thread and see the discussion going on. I hope our two cents are of great help to you while savoring your way to playing Facebook Farm Town or maybe Farmville.

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Anonymous said...

I have used google, firefox and now resorted to explorer to play farmtown because of the computer shutting down. Every time farmtown updates with new options it gets worse. I have a velocity gaming computer which I'm inclined to think is crap too. I'm starting to think that farmtown is too messed up to play but why would it shut down a computer completely?