How to Enable / Disable Google New Tab Page and Most Visited Websites

How to Enable / Disable Google New Tab Page and Most Visited Websites. If your Firefox browser is updated to version 3.5.3, most likely,you already have this Google Google Web-browsing Tools called "Google New Tab Page and Most Visited Websites". This tool bar, when installed will automate the logging and displaying your most recent tabs and visited websites upon opening a new browser tab. While this feature of the Google toolbar is impressive and convenient in some way, I found it a little bit invading when it comes to privacy. Because sometimes, you don't want others to know where you've been to in the Internet or perhaps, what sites have you visited in the last few hours or so.

Google New Tab Page and Most Visited Websites

Hence, I made this post to feature a simple illustration on How To Enable / Disable Google New Tab Page and Most Visited Websites. So here we go:

1. First off, click the Toolbar's wrench google wrench icon icon. It is located somewhere at the top part of your browser.
google toolbar wrench icon

2. Switch to the Search tab, then select (or deselect) the "Enable the Google new tab page" check box.
3. Finally, click Save.

And that is all it, you're done!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I nearly yelled at the Mozilla people for this abhor excuse for a feature, as if the user and browser were the only ones in the room 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

Now to go yell at the Mozilla people for an entirely different reason.

Anonymous said...

Hi, under my wrench tool, under search there is no 'enable google new tab page...',

what do i do? please help as i did have this feature before.

thank you

The Pastels said...

you should be able to see that option under:

Search > Web-browsing tools


Anonymous said...

I too cannot see the option to enable google new tab page. it is not there either pastels where you suggest Search > Web-browsing tools
. I downloaded real player, it asked i want to add google chrome, i said no as i was happy with google as it was and somehow it has disengaged the function and i no longer have access. So annoying. please help?

cheree1111 said...

It's gone on mine too, how do I get it back, I don't have the 'enable google new tab page...', either. And there is no option for "Search > Web-browsing tools"
Help!!! I want it back!

cheree1111 said...

I do not have 'enable google new tab page...', or "Search > Web-browsing tools" either, what else can I do

Anonymous said...

I found this to be very helpful

Go to Bottom of the New tab page page , click on Most Visited, when the links show up, at the bottom select Most Visited again, then at the top of the page select Most Visited again.You should get'em back !