Nokia Booklet 3G Mini-laptop

Nokia Booklet 3G Mini-laptop. With soaring high competition brought about by its rival in the communication and technology industry, Nokia is heard to forge a new product. The Finnish phone maker will be delving into Netbooks and Banking, thus announced its mobile PC called Booklet 3G Mini-laptop.

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During the Nokia World extravaganza in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 2-3. Nokia promoted new line of services and products to on hand, which made some business analysts pre-conclude that Nokia is seemingly strengthening its grip in dealing with Mobile Banking and Netbook PCs.

Equally anticipating, perhaps you are wondering what would be the basic features of Nokia Booklet 3G Mini-laptop. The Netbook PC, aka Nokia Booklet 3G Mini-laptop will be coming without cooling devices, hence making it more silent during operation and energy efficient. The Nokia Booklet 3G will be boasting its 12 hours battery life and its premium Microsoft Windows 7 Home edition.

The Nokia Booklet 3G Mini-Laptop will be coming by the year end at a price of around 800 USD. The Netbook's colors will be black, white, and azure blue.

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