Benefit Concert for Ondoy Victims

There will be a Benefit Concert for Ondoy Victims on October 14 at 7 p.m. at Ka Freddie’s Bar along Adriatico Street in Manila. The said benefit concert is spearheaded by Ka Freddie himself. Other artists to join the fund raising concert are Joey Ayala, Meagan Aguilar, Watawat Band, Mark Velasco and many others. The ticket price is P250, as revealed and published by the ABS-CBN The show is also aimed to raise funds and gather donations in kind, most especially for our poor kababayans in many parts of the country who are most affected by Ondoy,” Freddie Aguilar said.

During the height of Ondoy striking, Ka Freddie helped his neighbors located in the upper northeast corner of the neighborhood, through accommodation and provision of food and water for almost two (2) days.

ondoy victims Typhoon Ondoy (International code name: Ketsana) greatly devastated many families residing Metro Manila and some nearby areas. They lost their shelters, foods, clothing and most importantly, lives of their kins and immediate family members. Not even the well-off celebrtities of our country were spared by Ondoy. Entertainment stars like Cristine Reyes, K Brosas, Jean Garcia and daughter Jennica, Ogie Diaz, Chokoleit, Gladys Reyes and husband Christopher Roxas, and Carmina Villaroel and her family were among the affected people.

There have been many efforts, online and offline alike in gathering assistance and funds for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. The movement quickly spread like wildfire, local and abroad.

Again, don't forget the event this coming October 14 at 7 p.m. at Ka Freddie’s Bar along Adriatico Street in Manila. The concert proceeds will be given to the Typhoon Ondoy victims. It is high time for the good in you to join the Bayanihan movement and spirit. Please watch the concert, be entertained while helping your countrymen. (source:

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