How To Make Your Own Barcode

How To Make Your Own Barcode. If you notice the Google homepage yesterday, you would see a barcode logo. It was because yesterday marks the 57th anniversary of the first bar code patent. In view of this special commemoration of one the great technological advancements being invented, Google featured the humble origin of the barcode we are using up to these days in our daily market transactions. It was on the 7th of October 1952 when inventors Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver were granted the first patent for their invention.

Well, anyway that's a little bit of the history and Google homepage does not show the commemorative page anymore so we are supposed to be featuring a way or so here on how to make your own free barcode online.

If you try to visit, you would be able to create your own barcode free of charge. While there, all you got to do is supply the necessary data , also known as the Barcode Data, as shown in the figure below.

How To Make Your Own Barcode
Next, you have to specify which Barcode Symbology to use. Barcode Symbology means the type of barcode. For that, take a look at the few of them below:
Code 39 - Capable of encoding uppercase letters A-Z, digits 0-9 and special characters such as SPACE, minus (-), period (.), dollar sign ($), slash (/), percent (%) and plus (+).This barcode can be of any length, but the more characters encoded, the larger the symbol will be.

Code 39 (Full ASCII) - This extension to Code 39 allows the encoding of additional characters that aren’t part of the Code 39 character set, such as lowercase letters and additional symbols. Encoding of the Full ASCII character set is possible by encoding one of four Code 39 characters (+ $ % /) followed by one of the 26 alphabetic Code 39 characters.

Code 39 (HIBC) - Code 39 (HIBC) is an alphanumeric symbol that is exactly the same as the normal Code 39, but requires the special character (+) plus as the start character for each symbol.
And a lot more type depending on your preference. You should specify which file type should your online barcode be, once generated. You got the choices bmp, gif, jpg or png, then click the generate button.
How To Make Your Own Barcode
How To Make Your Own Barcode. I tried generating a barcode for this blog with the Barcode Data as Keyboard Sensation and I got this one below. Beautiful isn't it? Why don't you try to generate your own free barcode?

How To Make Your Own Barcode

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