JPG Photo Challenge: KISS

JPG Photo Challenge: KISS - Join the Photo Challenge by JPGMag! If you got the gadget and a subject to shoot, join the photo challenge themed "KISS", which obviously features kissing moments as the subject. The challenge is now on-going and the deadline will be on Thursday, October 15th. Take time to share your intimate moments. For sure, millions of people around the world right now are kissing, so go out and grab a shot.

photo challenge-kiss

Do think you got what it takes to win this contest? There are actually other contest being held by JPG Mag online under different themes, so better check it out. Go out and try to "f
ind those who aren't afraid of a little PDA, or just give some extra love to that special someone. Either way, spread some love in the world by sharing your photos".

Join the Photo Challenge: KISS and win prizes!

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