Johnny Depp Dead: Johnny Depp Died in Car Crash

Johnny Depp is Dead: Johnny Depp Died in Car Crash/Accident. The news today features a rising buzz on the death of actor Johnny Depp due to a car crash. If you take a look at it, it really looked like a real hoax and it happened many times already to many actors. Many bloggers wrote about this news and even concluded that CNN supplied the information. If you take a look at the blogs around, you will see that the site is quoted to have used a (fake) CNN page.
The death of Johnny Depp is but a hoax, the SF Gate confirmed. The news site revealed that the news "Johnny Depp is Dead" started from a Twitter post with the hash tag "RIP Johnny Depp". Meanwhile, the rest of the Twits that this is indeed really a hoax.

Below is the image of the fake CNN site that says "Johnny Depp dies after car crash".

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