Rekindling my passion for guitars

Playing a musical instrument, particularly guitar used to be my ultimate dream back in my childhood days. Perhaps, it was due to the fact the most of my maternal uncles are guitar players. So, the pressure and the growing passion was there.

I tried to ask them to teach me the basics of playing a guitar, and they did like what usual elders would do to their nephews or nieces.

Luckily, I was able to learn playing the instrument. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue nourishing my skill because of my changes in hobbies. Buying my own guitar was kind of hard back then. So, since I am also inclined to painting, I dedicated my time to making posters and the like.

Fast forwarding things, my love for guitars suddenly came back because of our advances in media technologies. These days, YouTube is all around and people with amazing guitar skills can be seen all over the place.

I told my friend about my rekindled love for guitars. He said, "well, you can always buy one for yourself. There's a lot of variations out there in the market, you know?"

I said, alright, let's see!

At the moment, I am contemplating on buying a Ukelele, acoustic, or maybe a moog guitar since I am also a fan of electric guitars.

In the coming weeks, if time permits, I will be buying one of those guitars in the nearby mall.

I am very excited.

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