Thinking of Getting New Headphones for my mobile phone

I am the kind of person who is quite meticulous when it comes to owning audio accessories. I always make sure that those items that I buy are within my own list of so-called "Okay" stuff to keep. I made this kind of keeping things up because back in many years ago, I did experience something undesirable involving a local headphone product.


I won't be naming it but I bought the accessory in Japan. It was not an authentic Japan product though. As far as I know, it was an import from a neighboring Asian country. In just less than two weeks, the said headphone began to emit weird sounds while in use. It was like a squeaking sound obviously distracting the music I was playing.

From then on, I became a bit choosy on what headphones should i get every time I come to a point where I have to get a new set.

Fast forwarding today, I made it a rule not to settle to simply something cheap and at the same time low performance headphones. After all, it is for my own audio entertainment so I why should I deny myself from getting the satisfaction that I want?

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